Black Desert Online - Preloading Margoria, New Event & Awakened Bosses, OH MY!

The latest Black Desert Online update has been deployed and it's a whopper, weighing in at nearly three gigs of space but containing the preloaded Margoria content in addition to a new event and awakened bosses.

Margoria content downloaded in this update is the first in a series of smaller packages to reduce the weight of the overall content expansion that will release later this year.

The patch notes have this to say about awakened bosses:

  • Awakened Red Nose, Giath, Dastard Bheg, Dim Tree Spirit, Hexe Marie, and Muskan have been added.

    • Daily scroll quests have been changed to give players an option to choose from either awakened scroll fragments or normal daily boss scrolls.

    • Awakened scrolls can be obtained by combining awakened scroll fragments in an  pattern specified on the fragment within your inventory.

    • The awakened scrolls summon a boss which has been adjusted for higher difficulty than normal scroll bosses with an increased chance of item drops.

    • These new bosses are very powerful and should only be attempted by players adequately prepared for this new challenge.

  • New Awakened Boss Scrolls and their related Awakened Boss Scroll Party Quests  have been added.

Other content in today's patch include:

  • Loyal Adventurers Event
  • Lavientias Event that will run through January 25th
  • Guild Activity Event rewards have been sent out
  • New items added to the Pearl Shop, others removed

Read the full update notes on the Black Desert Online site.

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