HeroWarz - Pause Mode to Engage March 26th, Unpause Remains Unknown

The HeroWarz site has been updated with a post by KOG Games to announce that the game will be put on "pause mode" beginning March 26th. The post cites the need to temporarily disable the game to let it "become the game that we feel it needs to be, to make every change to every aspect of the game needed" as some of the reasons for the shutdown. 

In order to truly capture and immerse our players in the RPG centric story in the best way possible – updating Characters to be truly balanced and make known all of the unique abilities they all bring to the game, building upon and improving the way players interface with the game, and of course PvP and so much more – we have no other choice but to take HeroWarz offline.

HeroWarz is a game that has the potential to pave its own way with some of the most unadulterated, fluid ARPG combat set within a world where a full cast of extraordinary characters tell the tale of an epically twisted story with a knee-jerk knockout punch that offers a comprehensive standalone game experience. We want to make sure that this opportunity is truly realized, and we deliver the best game possible.

At this point, there is no estimated date that HeroWarz will return, though the tone of the letter seems to indicate that it will return at some indistinct point in the future.

Check out the full post on the HeroWarz site.


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