- UAYEB, a Mayan Survival Title, Hits Steam Greenlight

UAYEB is a Mayan survival title currently in development and that has now landed on Steam Greenlight. Players can look forward to survival aspects and other features including adventure, investigations, and puzzles with a wide array of weapons and vehicles. UAYEB is slated for a Q2 2017 release.

  • SURVIVE: Drink, eat, sleep, cold and hot places, stamina, heal, batteries, weapons and ammunition. Avoid deadly traps, stay alive in underwater caves, jump on moving Mayan platforms, don't touch swords traps that arise from ground.
  • EXPLORE:  Find clues that will lead you to Mayan artifacts. 
  • CRAFTING: Find blueprints and resources to build up your equipment. 
  • FIGHT: Defend yourself against hostile survivors. 
  • ARTIFACTS: There will be 20 artifacts to find to finish the game. Each artifact will be a level specific with traps, platforms, puzzles and enemies.

Learn more on the UAYEB Steam page or its official site.


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