War Rock Relaunched on Papaya Play

War Rock officially relaunched now on Papaya Play! During the Relaunch Period, War Rock introduces Welcome Reward Packages, Community Events from the Papaya Play Team and New EasyAntiCheat System.

This classic free-to-play multiplayer shooter’s move to Papaya Play is accompanied by the introduction of the hacking prevention system, EasyAntiCheat, in addition to a content update featuring the new Tournament Mode, two new maps, and new items.

Having initially opened in late May, the Migration Service for transferring existing player data from Nexon to Papaya Play is still available till August 16th. Through the service, which is accessed through the Nexon War Rock game client, players can transfer all previous account data, including character name, items, achievements, Clan progress, and friends lists, to Papaya Play. Visit the new War Rock Official Website for more details.


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