Mobile MMORPG Royal Blood CBT Coming Soon

Gamevil's mobile MMORPG Royal Blood crafted with Unity engine and boasting event-driven co-op gameplay was announced to enter Closed Beta on September 25th in Korea. 

According to a report on VB,  Royal Blood has four main characters, including a mage and a bard that you can play at the outset. Fighting stance can be modified and different types of play styles can be enabled. Players can play the game alone or in a group. The game has a lot of quests, where players can join together on a mission. They can be short or long. On the bigger realm-versus-realm battles, players can battle each other in separate areas. They can conquer territories in huge battles. Successful players will win Lord points, and that will help them earn rare items. As many as 100 players can fight each other in the realm-vs-realm battles, and that could help Royal Blood stand out from the Lineage games.


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