Final Fantasy Coaster Coming to Universal Studios Japan 2018

The Final Fantasy video game series is celebrating 30 years and Universal Studios Japan will open their annual Universal Cool Japan on January 11th in 2018, with a new Final Fantasy XR coaster as the centerpiece. 

The VR visuals are actually being designed by Square Enix that is competent for using VR to bring the world of Final Fantasy to life. The ride will give guests a mixed reality (MR) experience on an airship ride, with a 360 degree view as the soar along the coaster. The guests can catch glimpses of the heroes and villains of each title, and getting involved in some hair-raising situations along the way.

The coaster will join “Detective Conan” and “Monster Hunter” at Universal Cool Japan, and Sailor Moon later that spring. The Final Fantasy XR Ride is scheduled to open next year, interested players please stay tuned.

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