Albion Online: Breath of Winter Starts

The year has just begun and Albion Online already is packed with action. The new Breath of Winter Event offers lots of activities for the players to join in. 

Good Deeds is a unique world quest chain, only available during Breath of Winter. It leads you all around the Royal Continent. In every royal city except Caerleon, you have a chance to do something good and complete a little task for fellow citizens of Albion. Once you have done all good deeds, you can head to Caerleon to receive the exclusive item for this winter event - it allows you to craft the Yule Ram.

There's also an Icy Battleground, a PvP battleground that is accessible during Breath of Winter from four portal stones in Caerleon. It is a frost-covered battlefield following yellow unrestricted PvP rules. 

The Breath of Winter comes with limited-time rewards only available during this event. Two vanity armor sets, Red Dress and Rich Noble, are waiting for you. You can also get your hands on new furniture items: a placeable present chest, and conifers that look suspiciously like Christmas trees.

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