Secret World Legends - Romain Amiel Leaves Funcom After 11 Years

The Funcom forums have a surprising note from Romain Amiel who has announced that he is leaving the company after eleven years, eight of which were spent on The Secret World and Secret World Legends. He writes that he is handing over the reins to Chris Meredith. Amiel does not indicate where he is going or what his next steps may be, but spends almost the entire letter focused on his times with Funcom and the stories left to tell in Secret World. 

It’s very weird saying good-bye, after being a part of the Secret World for so long. It’s a fantastic universe that I genuinely love. It has so many stories to tell still and there is so much left to explore. I feel privileged to have gotten the chance to be a part of it. I’m proud to say that we’ve pushed the boundaries of what the MMO genre has done in terms of story-telling and immersion (rainbow unicorn masks aside maybe?).

Read the full letter on the Secret World Legends / Funcom forum.

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