War Thunder - Chronicles of WWII Event Launches with New Vehicles & More

From now through Victory Day on May 8th, War Thunder players can take part in a series of events called Chronicles of World War II that lets them "take part in more than 40 of the biggest military clashes of the 20th century". Along the way, players can earn four new premium vehicles in the American, British, French and Russian lines.

All in-game events of the series are held in their historical chronological order, beginning with the German invasion of the USSR in 1941 until the final Battle for Berlin in 1945. Pilots and tankers will clash on the hot deserts of North Africa, fight along the narrow streets of European cities and hunt each other in the skies above the Pacific Ocean. Every day, six new events are available in all difficulty settings, through which participants can earn the “Chronicle Awards” necessary for unlocking the aforementioned content.

Learn more on the War Thunder site.


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