Defiance 2050 - What To Expect in This Weekend's Closed Beta Test

When the Defiance 2050 closed beta test begins this weekend, players will have a chance for a first-look at a number of features coming with the game when it launches later in 2018. There will be opportunities to create squads, participate in cooperative events, the ability to complete story quests and much more.

Here's some of what's in store for testers:

  • earn the Beta Blazer title just for participating
  • exploration of Mt. Tam
  • play through the Madera story mission zone
  • Liberate the Lost cooperative instance
  • reach power level 1500, character level 25 and class level 25
  • try out the Assault class that "showcases the new class system with a fully customizable class tree"
  • check out itemization systems and equipment customization that allows players to play their way
  • upgrade gear using salvage 
  • choose from several different types of Defensive capabilities

Learn more on the Defiance 2050 site.

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