Elder Scrolls Online - Making Your To-Do List for the Post-Summerset Launch

When the Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset expansion launches in the next few weeks, players will be mind-boggled by the amount of things to do. To help direct folks to some cool new things to do, the ESO site has been updated with a new blog post that lays out some of the most tasty bites of new content.

So what do devs suggest?

  • fight "menacing" new world bosses
  • head into Public Dungeons
  • find and close Abyssal Geysers
  • explore new Delves
  • finish the Museum Quest
  • become the Grand Master crafter you were always meant to be

The site provides some great descriptions and information for each so head to the Elder Scrolls Online site to read up on things.

Also, be sure to log in my May 20th to claim your free in-game Vvardvark pet!


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