Sea of Thieves - Open and Closed Crew Option Finally Arrives in Today's Patch

Sea of Thieves has been updated with the latest patch that brings the much-requested "open and closed crew" option to players. Essentially this means that players can "lock" their crew to however many they wish with others unable to join even if short handed. Open Crews will continue as before. The team also told fans that the ability to "dynamically switch" between Open and Closed Crews would be coming in a future update.

Other components of the patch include:

  • the ability to hand consumables to crewmates
  • invisible underwater name tag for sneakier swimming
  • more weapons, customization options
  • Health Bar UI 
  • price adjustments
  • chances of better rewards
  • bug fixes

You can check out the full update notes on the Sea of Thieves site.

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