Albion Online - Steam Launch Day Arrives with Discounts & Goodies (Sponsored)

If it's May 16th, you know what that means: Albion Online has now officially launched on Steam! If that's not enough, Sandbox Interactive has a nice gift for players as well as a sweet deal for anyone who's looking to buy in.


There are a lot of great reasons to get into Albion Online on Steam, not the least of which is a sweet 34% discount on the game and all of its upgrade packs.

New and existing players will also get a nice gift from Sandbox in the form of the Mists of Albion buff that provides a +25% boost to gathering, crafting, killing monsters and everything else that can be done in game. It's a great way to get started for the game's newest players and, for veterans, it provides a great reason to get out there to wrap up huge amounts of progress.

Last, but not least, there are brand spanking new Steam achievements for players to hunt down. Ranging from the simple to the hardcore, there's something to chase for everyone.

So what are you waiting for? Albion awaits!

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