Grand Theft Auto Online - Trap Door Event Takes Place on a Shrinking Platform Above the Ocean

Grand Theft Auto Online has been updated with a new event in Adversary Mode called Trap Door. During the action, teams of players find themselves duking it out on a platform hundreds of feet above the ocean. When a player is killed, they are sent to a 'purgatory' area that they have to escape before the the rug is literally pulled out from under and they plummet to their final death in the ocean below. Trap Door Mode will run through May 21st and offer players Double GTA$ and RP.

Anyone who took part in the GTA$ Giveaway last week will also start seeing the cash roll into their Maze Bank accounts. It's the perfect time too as a ton of discounts on vehicles and more.

Read the full details on the Grand Theft Auto Online site.

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