Crowfall - Pre-Alpha 5 Live! for June - Stoneborn and Female Half-Giants

Crowfall Design Director Thomas Blair and Principal Game Designer Mark Halash are back with Pre-Alpha 5 Live! to discuss the patch notes for the next update heading into the game in the near future.

Check out the video for:

  • The Stoneborn and female Half-Giant are ready! This wraps up all the promised Races, huzzah!
  • Harvestable Hunger crystals are now in Campaigns.
  • Days and nights with Hunger crystals that spawn at night.
  • Bereavement map!
  • Wolves, Elk, and summer Hellcat are all available in different varieties!
  • The first round of zoning has been implemented.
  • F to interact to trade, invite to group, and whisper with another player.

Check out the live stream replay and then head to the Crowfall site to check up on the discussion.

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