Brian Holinka Returns to World of Warcraft Lead Combat Designer

Things are moving fast these days with the World of Warcraft team. It has been confirmed that Brian Holinka has returned to the WoW team as the new Lead Combat Designer. Eagle eyed users saw a post on Holinka's LinkedIn page and he later confirmed via Twitter that he has indeed returned to WoW. You may recall that Holinka was the Lead PvP Developer from 2012 to 2017. For the past year, he has been at work "on an unannounced project".

Rather than being solely focused on PvP, Holinka will oversee all combat-related issues and advancement. It couldn't come at a better time as many players have been roundly castigating the lack of excitement in most classes and that far too many abilities have been pruned.

We'll be keeping close watch on the combat changes over the coming weeks.

Via WoWhead

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