Former BioWare Developer Mike Laidlaw Hired by Ubisoft Quebec

Former BioWare developer Mike Laidlaw has been hired by Ubisoft Quebec as the Creative Director for an as-yet unannounced project. Laidlaw was most well-known for his work on the Dragon Age series of games while at BioWare and most recently has been a consultant on The Waylanders RPG. Could Laidlaw be working on the next iteration of Assassin's Creed now that the series has made a turn to full-blown RPG? We wouldn't mind!

I always knew I'd go back to triple-A at some point, once I found the right team and project.

Spoiler: I did at Ubisoft Quebec and I'm so damn excited to finally talk about it!

— Mike Laidlaw (@Mike_Laidlaw) December 5, 2018

Laidlaw wrote on his LinkedIn profile:

In my months working with the team here, I’ve been really impressed with the combination of passion and raw talent in the studio. If you’ve played the excellent Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – which was principally developed here in Quebec City – you already have some taste of what that combination can produce.

Alas, I can’t discuss exactly what I’m doing, but I will say it’s exciting enough to make me move half way across the continent.

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