Dual Universe CEO Hosts an Hour Long Look at ALL of the Game's Features

Novaquark CEO Jean-Christophe Baillie has taken to the airwaves to show off his pride and joy: Dual Universe. The innovative MMO has been in its first phase of alpha testing since earlier this week and Baillie takes an opportunity to show off all of the game's features in a new hour-long video. 

  • Built upon four key pillars - Explore, Build, Trade, Conquer - Alpha 1 brings the first two facets of this massive sci-fi sandbox to life, allowing players to explore and build almost anything they can imagine with a wealth of tools for building, blueprinting, mining, harvesting, crafting, transporting, storing, and selling resources

  • Thanks to the dev team’s terraforming efforts, Alioth, the game’s starting planet, has reached an area size close to the one of real life Great Britain, and that’s only the first planet.

Lastly, the team has reached a new funding milestone by rising above the $11M mark.

Learn everything you wanted to know about the game in the video below or by heading to the Dual Universe site.


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