Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is Now F2P & Has a Battle Royale Mode, Danger Zone

If you're one of the legions of fans who loves Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, today's news should come as a pleasant surprise. CS:GO is now free to play and a new battle royale mode has been added to give players even MORE to love. The new battle royale map is called Danger Zone.

The next time existing owners of CS:GO login to play they will have their game files automatically updated via Steam to include the new Danger Zone mode. In addition, these players will be automatically upgraded to Prime Status (both free of charge).

Meanwhile, all Prime Status players are now eligible for the new Prime-exclusive Danger Zone Souvenir MP5-SD | Lab Rats.

Those new to CS:GO will have the option to play or pay their way to Prime Status ($14.99 US).

Learn more about Danger Zone on the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive site.

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