Dauntless to Become Truly Cross-Platform with Console & Mobile Releases in 2019

Dauntless will become a truly cross-platform title when it launches on consoles in 2019. The PlayStation 4 and XBox One versions of "One Dauntless" are expected to launch in April 2019, with Switch and mobile launch dates coming alone later in 2019. The announcement was made during this evening's Game Awards 2018 along with the news that Dauntless will be launching on the Epic Games store platform.

Lastly, the Dauntless team revealed that the Frostfall in-game event will be launching as the next game update. "Frostfall will reshape the Shattered Isles starting December 6th". It brings seasonal content "as a deep freeze descends on Ramsgate and Slayers will have a chilling challenge on their hands with the introduction of a new Behemoth: Valomyr".

The Hunt Pass will also launch on December 6th "which will provide players with new challenges and big rewards". It's a new feature in the game that provides activities and challenges for players in order to unlock exclusive items, emotes, cosmetics and more. The Hunt Pass runs $10.

Learn more on the Dauntless site.


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