Epic & Improbable Providing $25M to 'Help Developers Transition to More Open Engines'

After yesterday's back-and-forth between Unity and Improbable regarding the future development of SpatialOS games, Epic has stepped into the fray to announce a partnership with Improbable to "help developers transition to more open engines, services and ecosystems". The announcement was made via a joint letter from Epic CEO Tim Sweeney and Improbable CEO Herman Narula.

The letter acknowledges the spat between Unity and Improbable and hints that developers are "concerned" about the future of their games. Epic reaffirmed the availability of the Unreal Engine, "ull C++ source code and licensing to developers.  

Epic Games’ partnership with Improbable, and the integration of Improbable’s cloud-based development platform SpatialOS, is based on shared values, and a shared belief in how companies should work together to support mutual customers in a straightforward, no-surprises way.

We believe we are at the beginning of an unprecedented age of inclusive online games that become parts of our everyday lives.

To that end, the two company's have announced a $25M fund "to help developers transition to more open engines, services and ecosystems". Funds will be made available through Dev Grants, Improbable assistance funds and "Epic Games store funding".

Some MMOs using SpatialOS include:

  • Mavericks
  • Scavengers
  • Worlds Adrift
  • Lazarus
  • MetaWorld
  • Forsaken Legends

Check out the full post on the UnrealEngine.com site.


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