The Fate of Destiny 2 on BNet, ATVI Stocks Nosedive & Destiny 3 in 2020 According to One Firm

After yesterday's huge news that Bungie was splitting with Activision for publication of the Destiny series, a trio of big things happened: 1) ATVI stock prices tanked and lost over 7% of their value in "after hours trading"; 2) Industry research firm, Cowen & Company believes that Destiny 3 will be coming in 2020; and 3) Blizzard Customer Service tweeted that Destiny 2 will remain on BattleNet and "will receive full support (without) any disruption to our services or your gameplay".

ATVI Stock 

While Activision and Bungie made the announcement of the split after the close of stock trading yesterday, but ATVI stock took a 7% tumble in after hours trading. Today could be a rough ride for stockholders once trading resumes.

Destiny 3 in 2020?

Cowan & Company thinks this is something that can happen. While hardly surprising given Bungie's 3j-year development cadence for the series, it's still good news for fans, particularly those who are "looking for the game (they) were promised" with Destiny 2. The popular opinion is that Activision's oversight on Destiny 2 caused most of its major issues, hence its unpopularity with the community.

Ultimately, we think this decision is probably for the best for Destiny as a franchise, as we think having two head cooks in the kitchen with somewhat divergent views created some issues with the development process and led the game down some blind alleys. 

Destiny was a worthwhile attempt by Activision to build another cornerstone franchise, one that just didn't quite pan out as they had hoped (underlining once again the high difficulty of creating and managing a successful live service game business), in our view.

Read more at Gamespot linked above.

Destiny 2 to Remain on BattleNet

The Tweet says it all:

Destiny 2 will still receive full support on BattleNet and we do not anticipate any disruption to our services or your gameplay experience.

— BlizzardCS (@BlizzardCS) January 10, 2019

What do you think of all the news?

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