DC Universe Online Players Will 'Confront Extraplanar Fear' Starting in March

The DC Universe Online site has been updated with a preview of the next major content update coming to the game in March. Called Justice League Dark, the new episode will launch on March 28th. Gotham City is threatened by a "massive, tentacled Daemon" from another plane that is descending from a giant rift that has opened above the city. 

  • Justice League Dark will be a large-scale episode, with level-agnostic event versions of content available to all players for a limited time.  
  • The episode will feature new and returning heroes and villains, including Zatanna, John Constantine, Mordru, Doctor Fate, Felix Faust, and Shazam.   
  • The storyline will include a variety of singleplayer and multiplayer adventures set in several magical and otherworldly locales, including the House of Mystery.  
  • The episode will launch new player rewards, including new gear, styles, artifacts, base items, and feats.

Check out more details on the DC Universe Online site.


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