Dual Universe Devs Sim 30,000 Concurrent Players & They've Got the Video to Prove It

Novaquark is "redefining the meaning of 'massively multiplayer'" with its recent simulation dropping 30,000 concurrent 'players' onto a single Dual Universe planet. Members of the community joined up to "witness this world premier". 

By showcasing that the proprietary server technology behind Dual Universe is capable of handling at least 30,000 simultaneous players in one unique game world, Novaquark not only shatters the limits of what games currently offer, it also demonstrates that players can expect meaningful interactions at scale, when the game enters beta in 2020.

Compared with the current world record for “most concurrent players simultaneously involved in a single multiplayer PvP video game battle”, currently set to 6,142 players, Novaquark’s technological feat shows the potential of Dual Universe to offer an unprecedented level of player emergent systemic interactions in a video game.

Currently, Dual Universe is in alpha testing, sticking to its robust development cycle.

Learn more on the Dual Universe site.


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